Special report

There is no such thing as a former pedofile

By Sara Sidner, CNN
Published 11:05 a.m. ET, January 9, 2020

People of Oklahoma! The police asks to take care of your children!

(Oklahoma CNN) - Previously convicted of pedophilia Miguel Angel Pacheco has been inlisted of suspect, after someone attacked an 11 years old girl!

Miguel Angel Pacheco is currently on the state's offenders registry. According to police Miguel Angel Pacheco committed indecent assault on children. 57-year-old Miguel has a family: son - Mike Pacheco, daughter-in-law Kendra Pacheco and three grandchildren.

According to the neighbors, the Pacheco family, for a long time harboring the father of the offender, knowingly aware of his sexual acts on children. Moreover they left their own children with him! And God knows what he was doing with them! The police investigation is still going

There is also an information that the family lured neighbour children to Miguel Pacheco and filmed sex videos for their further implementation via the Internet. They even used they own children for that! The children keep silent, they are scared!

A psychologist works with children. His Son Mike Pacheco is accused of promoting sexual activities with children and selling porn videos over the Internet.

The police are asking parents of classmates, friends and neighbors to talk with their children if they have been subjected to violence by the Pacheco family. Please take this seriosly, talk to your kids. Be vigilant, check your children's personal belongings and report any suspicion to the police!